Arne Sebastian Küpper:
The Caesar translation by Alsatian Humanist Matthias Ringmann (1482-1511)

This project investigates the first translation of the extensive Corpus Caesarianum into German by Matthias Ringman in 1507. The main aims of my research are firstly, to locate this text within the virulent literary scene around 1500 and secondly, to demonstrate the extent to which seemingly divergent academic, historically nationalist-representative, and geographical interests permit themselves to be unified within the parameters of a common, characteristically 'humanist' understanding of how knowledge was to be organised.

I will particularly focus on important factors for early modern processes of cultural transfer, such as communication forms within academic communities, the emancipatory confidence of the culture taking in new ideas, and the necessary ability to reflect upon the conditions and possibilities of oral practices within the context of the translation and reproduction of classical works.

Diploma of Education - German and Classical Literature (Göttingen, Salamanca)


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